comic art by Joakim Pirinen

Joakim Pirinen was one of the most acclaimed artists that made its debut in the artistic magazine Galago. He started out with 'Välkommen till Sandlådan', but he had his breakthrough with 'Socker-Conny'. This comic, about an young anarchic man, was praised by the critics in 1985.

Den Största Föreställningen, by Joakim Pirinen (1983)
Den Största Föreställningen

He has created several albums since, such as 'Gaz', 'Kvarteret Kniven', 'Den Sjunde Björnen' and 'Split Vision'. He has also written short stories and plays.

Dagen Nyheter, by Joakim Pirinen (from the first schoolday special, 1989)
from the first schoolday special of Dagen Nyheter (1989)

Galagocomic art by Joakim Pirinen

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