Rosa la Revoltosa, by Pizarro
Rosa la Revoltosa (El Cuca, 1971)

José García Pizarro was born in Madrid. He began his career in the 1950s, drawing series like 'Carlos Espejo', 'Sportman' and 'La Isla de la Bruma' with scripts by M. González Casquel in Chicos. Pizarro furthermore contributed to collections like 'Aventuras del FBI' (Rollán), 'Brigada Secreta' (Toray), 'Espionaje' (Toray) and 'Los Gemelos' (Toray) throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

Hazañas del Oeste by Jose Garcia Pizarro
Hazañas del Oeste - Tod un Hombre

In the 1960s, Pizarro was present in agencies like Ibergraf with 'Drake & Drake' and magazines like Chío with 'Profesor Hildegard', 'Los Hombres del Volante' and 'Sportman II'. He then published in Gaceta Junior ('Las Andanzas de Lita y Alicia', 1970), Trinca ('La Pandilla Trinca', 1970), Gente Menuda ('Pipa y Pilonga', 1976), Piñón ('Klaxon', 1977) and El Cuca, the supplement of the Madrid newspaper Pueblo ('Slap', 'Rosa la Revoltosa', 'Johnny Sobre Ruedas', 1971).

In addition, Pizarro did agency work for foreign publications such as the British magazine Eagle, as well as the Warren magazines in the US. About the mid 1980s he sadly lost his sight, which forced him to stop working as an artist.

La Pandilla Trinca, by Pizarro
La Pandilla Trinca

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