Bogart the Cat, by Peter Plant

Peter Plant was born in Toronto, Canada in 1952 and moved to London, England in 1972. For several years he worked as an ad agency copywriter and jingle writer while simultaneously drawing cartoons about life around him.

Flash Filstrup, by Peter Plant

Besides many gag cartoons, Peter Plant produced five strips, each published either as books or in newspapers and magazines around the world: 'Flash Filstrup', about a dedicated "artist-exposeur", 'Maggie', about a ditzy girl who works in an advertising agency, 'The Commuters', about a pair of high-fliers who work in the city, 'Maurice and Earl', about a retired football goalie and his crime novel writer dog, and 'Bogart', about a girl and her cat.

Maggie by Peter Plant

The latter is his best-known creation and has appeared for 20 years in Today, the Daily Mail and Sunday Times. Peter Plant lives in Kent, England, with a little old lady who rides a Kawasaki Z900 and brews her own beer.

Maurice and Earl, by Peter Plant

The Commuters by Peter Plant

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