A láthatatlan professzor by Ferenc Podmaniczky
A láthatatlan professzor

Ferenc Podmaniczky is a Hungarian comic book artist, born in Páhi on 3 December 1956 as Ferenc Podmanicki. He is a a self-taught artist, and has been engaged in journalism and illustration since 1993. In 1996 he became a steady contributor to the police magazine Bács Zsaru.

Encouraged by Ferenc Kiss, he began drawing comics for Füles and Kis Füles magazines in the same year. Later on, his own comics would be published in the legal and criminal journal Pandúr magazine. Many other crossword magazines and Füles évkönyve also published his comics.

The Black Corsair by Ferenc Podmaniczky
The Black Corsair (Salgari)

Podmaniczky employs a unique grotesque graphic style in his humorous works, while clear, realistic delineation is the characteristic feature of his more serious themed comics. Most of his comic book adaptations were scripted by Ferenc Kiss, while Kis Füles presented the artist's own comics.

Sandokan visszatér by Ferenc Podmaniczky
Sandokan visszatér

His main comics are Jack London's 'Északi sarki párlat' ('A Hyperborean brew', 1998), Robert Sheckley's 'A ferrák hazája' (2000), his own 'Miss Bajkeverö' ('Miss Troublemaker', 2003), Károly Nagy's 'Ki nevet a végén?' ('Who laughs last?', 2006), Thorne Smith's 'A szöke kísértet' ('The Jovial Ghosts', 2007), Jules Verne's 'A tizenöt éves kapitány' ('The 15 year old captain', 2008) and Emilio Salgari's 'Sandokan visszatér' (2008).

Ferenc Podmaniczky

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