Muisje Wit, by J. de Poel

Jan de Poel was the author and illustrator of several children's strips, which he self published. The only comic he drew himself was 'Muisje Wit', which he published through his own firm, Reclamebureau Studio. He founded the Reco Studios in Groningen in 1937. He assigned several artists to draw his further stories. The studios employed Jaap Kramer, E. Smid and A. Steenhuis, among other people. The comics appeared in a variety of local and regional newspapers and magazines from 1937.

Keesje Kef, by J. de Poel

Until 1968, De Poel had a large production, creating comics like 'Duimelot', 'Knagertje', 'Fer Bras', 'Flip en Flap', 'Freddy Fox', 'Frits en Johnny', 'Jim Burk', 'Jan Klaasse en Katrijn', 'Kabouter Flip', 'Keesje Kef', 'Keesje Musch', 'Kibo de Zanger', 'Kikkeritje', 'Koning Puntbaard', 'Madelijntje', 'Pig en Peg', 'Ping en Pang' and 'Het Wonderhoedje'.

Trippie, by J. de Poel (1958)

Three of his earlier books where rewritten by Nederlands Dagblad editor Teun Kerpel, best known as Oom Niek van Noort (1930-2007). These include 'Trippie' and 'Muisje Wit' (which became 'Knagertje').

Knagertje, by J. de PoelTrippie, by J. de Poel

His most popular strip was 'Trippie', which appeared in 40 different newspapers. 'Keesje Kef' and 'Muisje Wit' also appeared in album at Handy Productions in Veendam.

advertising comic for De Poel's company
Part of an advertising comic for De Poel's company.

Letter to Jaap Kramer

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