Maasse by Gadi Pollack

Israeli comic artist and illustrator Gadi Pollack is an immigrant from Russia and a sculptor by profession who lives in Kiryat Sefera. Pollacks first comics job was making a comic about the Bible, which he has studied ever since at the kollel (a Jewish educational institution for married men) in Kiryat Sefer, together with David Goldschmidt.

He has created many comics for the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community such as the 'Maase' series, collecting comic adaptations of Ba'al Shem Tov's parables, published by Feldheim. He has also worked as an illustrator with Rabbi Baruch Chait on books like 'The Katz Illustrated Haggadah' and 'The Hidden Treasure on the Island of Mending Faults'. He has also worked for the comics magazine Comics.

Maasse by Gadi Pollack

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