The Green Lantern, by Keith Pollard

Keith Pollard has drawn for Marvel since the 1970s. He made his debut in 1974 with stints on such titles as 'Master of Kung Fu', 'Deadly Hands of Kung Fu', 'Astonishing Tales' ('Deathlok') and 'Black Goliath'. He then became a regular artist on 'Amazing Spider-Man' (1978-1980), 'Fantastic Four' (1978-79, 1988-89) and 'Mighty Thor' (1979-1982), as well as a fill-in on 'Incredible Hulk' and 'Iron Man'. In the 1980s, he pencilled issues of 'Marvel Saga' and did covers for various titles, such as 'The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones', 'Eternals', 'Micronauts The New Voyages' and 'Rawhide Kid'. 1990s credits include 'Alpha Flight', 'Thunderstrike', 'Blaze', as well as the graphic novell 'Silver Surfer: The Enslavers'. He was also present at DC, where he did 'The Green Lantern' and 'Wonder Woman' in the early 1980s.

Mighty Thor, by Keith PollardMighty Thor, by Keith Pollard

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