Noche del Anniversario, by Alfredo Pons

Born in Barcelona, Alfredo Pons was only sixteen years old when he offered his work to the magazine Mata-Ratos. This magazine was soon forbidden by the Franco regime, so Pons made his first illustrations for a lingerie shop. At the same time, he drew several comics which he saved for better days. After serving in the army, he started working for the alternative magazine, El Vibora. His stories are very provocative, and starting in 1980, they were collected in albums like 'Maria la Nuit' (1980), 'Las Aventuras de Sarita' (1983), 'Escalera de Vecinos' (1984), 'Todos los Bares...' (1986), 'Sugar' (1987), 'Amigos' (1989) and 'Bares y mujeres'.

comic art by Alfredo Pons

Pons also scripted the erotic comic 'Los Amores de Juan Eclipse', which was drawn by Zueras for the magazine Selén. He was co-founder of the studio La Omertá, which he shared with Damián Carulla, Jaime Martin, L. A. Maldonado, Marta Guerrero and Alberto Miranda. Alfredo Pons died in 2002. In 2004, the Comics Salon of Barcelona held a big exposition in his honor.

Alfredo Pons

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