Ou le Regard ne Porte Pas, by Olivier Pont

Olivier Pont was born in the Parisian suburb Blanc-Mesnil and attended the Gobbelins art school. After his studies, he went to work for the Amblimation studios in London to work on the Spielberg production 'Fievel Goes West'. Back in France in the early 1990s he teamed up with his childhood friend Georges Abolin. Together they wrote the comical pirate series 'Kucek', for which Pont did the artwork, for Vents d'Ouest. Following 'Kucek', they created 'Totale Maîtrise' at Vents d'Ouest (2001) and the diptich 'Où le Regard ne Porte Pas' for Dargaud (2004). With scenario writer Jim, Pont has created 'Le Honte' and a comic adaptation of the radioplay 'Arthur et les Pirates' at Vents d'Ouest.

Le Honte, by Olivier Pont

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