Pro Junior, by Peter Poplaski 1971

Peter Poplaski started his comics career in the underground comix scene in the early 1970s. He contributed stories to comix like Orcrist and fanzine Erb-dom. Poplaski made a graphic contribution to 'ProJunior’ (Kitchen Sink Press, 1971), a one-shot comic book paying homage to Don Dohler's character ProJunior. Later, he became a Marvel artist, drawing covers for Superman books and working on 'Spider-Man'. Pete Poplaski was also the editor of 'Male Call, 1942-1946', a book aout the famous comic by Milton Caniff, and editor of the 'R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book' by Robert Crumb, which was nominated for a Harvey Award.

Cover for Erb-dom, by Pete PoplaskiCover for Erb-dom, by Pete Poplaski

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