Art by Peter Paul Porges
Foolproof ways to suck-up to grandparents (Mad #281, September 1988)

Peter Paul Porges was an Austrian-born American cartoonist, best-known for his work for Mad Magazine. He was born in Vienna in 1927. He fled the country with his brother after the Nazi invasion. He spent some time in a children's camp in the Château de la Guette in the French commune of Villeneuve-Saint-Denis, and subsequently traveled throughout France, ahead of the Nazi's movement. He was eventually captured and sent to a deportation camp, but managed to escape. He was smuggled to Switzerland, where he spent the rest of World War Two. He also studied arts there, and met his future wife. After the war, he joined his brother in the United States, where the two were soon joined by their parents.

Having cultivated a love for American cartoons in his childhood, Paul Peter Porges soon began drawing cartoons for the Army newspapers while serving in the Korean war (1950-1953). In 1954, Porges sold his first drawings to the Saturday Evening Post. As this magazine disappeared from the market, Porges turned to other publications. He established himself at Mad Magazine from 1971 until 2009, were he was initially mainly a gag writer, but later also continued his slapstick drawings for kids. He also published his work in prestigious magazines such as the Saturday Review of Literature and The New Yorker, where he developed a very clever style. He passed away on 20 December 2016.

comic art by Paul Peter Porges

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