Hellboy, by Brian Postman
'Captain America Annual' #7 (1982).

Brian Postman is an American comic book and animation storyboard artist. He has worked for Marvel Comics in the 1980s and is nowadays best known for his horror comic stories for several indie anthologies. 

Spider-Woman, by Brian PostmanSpider-Woman, by Brian Postman

Early life and education
Brian Postman was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1958. He grew up in Glen Oaks, Queens, watching TV shows like 'The Adventures Of Superman', 'F Troop' and 'The Munsters', and the monster movies of Universal Studios. He also enjoyed building Aurora monster models, which started a lifelong appreciation of art and comics. His first comic book purchase was Dell Comics' 'Frankenstein' in 1963.He eventually enrolled in the School Of Visual Arts in New York City, where his teachers were Will Eisner, Harvey Kurtzman, Art Spiegelman and Sal Amendola. He graduated with a BFA in 1980.

Marvel Comics and animation
He landed a job with Marvel Comics in 1982 and 1983, drawing stories with 'Spider-Woman', 'Captain America', 'Marvel Team-Up' and 'Doctor Strange', as well as character profiles for 'The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe' (1983). He has also done storyboards for animated TV series like 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' and 'Biker Mice from Mars', and also for TV commercials through national advertising agencies.

Horror comics
Since the 2010s he has been drawing horror comics for independent comic books and anthologies, such as Doug Randazzo's 'Insane Tales From The Dead' (Caustic Comics Publications), 'The Creeps' (Warrant Publishing), 'Cemetery Plots' (Empire Comics Lab) and 'Forbidden Gallery' (ACP). He is also one of the artists of the graphic novel adaptations of Don Glut's movie 'Tales of Frankenstein' for Pulp 2.0 (2018), alongside Nik Poliwko, Mike Vosburg and Jim Craig.

The Wire Brain by Brian Postman
'The Wire Brain' (Forbidden Gallery #2), story by Nicola Cuti.

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