comic art by George Price

George Price was a remarkably underestimated cartoonist. This is an amazing thing, given the nearly seven-decade span of his career, most notably doing cartoons for The New Yorker. Whereas the art of other esteemed cartoonists from that magazine, like that of Peter Arno or Charles Addams, might overwhelm the reader with heavy blacks and fat, ink-filled lines, George Price's delicate style was often so completely subservient to the joke a reader could miss its beauty. It is only on a second look that one begins to fully realize the extent of his talent. Some of Price's gags were scripted by Lee Lorenz.

As the years went by, Price became best known for cartoons about various couples, making humorous commentary about the matter-of-fact reality of their lives. This series was titled 'Is It Anyone We Know?'. Those cartoons adroitly acknowledged the gap between self-conception and reality, and did so in a way that they could be read as both sarcastic and sweet. Price was genuinely funny, and his comics were just gorgeous. His strong line work has rarely been equaled, and Price's idiosyncratic sense of humor has been sorely missed since his death in 1995.

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