Judette Camion, by Jeanne Puchol

Jeanne Puchol studied decorative arts in her hometown Paris. Afterwards she divided her time between doing advertising graphics, illustration work and comics. In the comics field, she started out with several albums for Futuropols, including 'Ringard!', 'Traquenards', 'Dessous Troublants' and 'Machine, Célibataire'. Starting in 1993 her work appeared in the magazine À Suivre. For this magazine she made several short stories in cooperation with Laurent Bollée, as well as the series 'Judette Camion' with Anne Baraou. In 1998, her album 'Excusez-moi d'être un Fille' was published by Casterman. This was followed by 'Et Avec Qui Je Veux' in the following year. In that same year, she made 'Chimères' for P.L.G. Her story 'Haro sur la Bouchère!' was published in the collection Traits Féminins by Éditions de l'An 2 in 2003.

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