La Casa de Pollack Street, by Carlos Puerta

Carlos Puerta started out working as illustrator on different advertising agencies. He entered the comics field after meeting editor Josep Toutain in the late 1980s. He teamed up with scriptwriter Lorenzo F. Diáz, with whom he has been collaborating ever since. Their first collective work was the gothic series 'Los Archivos de Hazel Loch', which appeared in Creepy Magazine in 1991. They then came up with 'Aeróstatas', a Victorian recreation with computers and flying machines. In 1995, Ediciones B published their work 'Tierra de Nadie' ('No Man's Land'), about a World War I pilot in the USA of the 1920s. The story was published in Germany, France and The Netherlands through Strip Art Features, and serialized in Heavy Metal magazine.

Eustaquio, by Carlos Puerta

At the same time, Puerta illustrates books and magazine covers. In 1998, he began doing the weekly 'Eustaquio' page in the ABC supplement Blanco y Negro Guay. In 2001, he began working on the gangster comic 'La Casa de Pollack Street' ('The House of Pollack Street') for the European market. At the end of 2003, along with Lorenzo F. Diáz, he began a series of four comic book novels for the French publishing house Glénat: 'Les Contes de la Perdition'. In 2021 he and scriptwriter Christophe Bec relaunched William Vance's classic maritime series 'Bruce J. Hawker'. 

Aerostatas, by Carlos Puerta

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