Animal Man, by Steve Pugh

Steve Pugh is an English comic artist who has been working in the field of comics since the 1990s. He moved to the United States in the late eighties. After some jobs for the most prestigious independent American publishers, he teamed up with Pat Mills (author of Marshall Law ) to work on 'Strontium Dogs' for Fleetway. He also worked for the Fleetway magazine Crisis. Later on, he did one issue of 'Grimjack' with the veteran writer John Ostrander, published by First Comics.

Third World War, by Steve Pugh (Crisis, 1990)

Then he landed the job of artist for the comic 'Hellblazer', written by Jamie Delano. Pugh continued his work with Delano on the series 'Animal Man' and '2020 Visions'. Currently he does artwork and designs for the Vertigo line of DC comics. He has cooperated with Garth Ennis on the mini-series 'Saint of Killers'.

The Anchorman, by Steve Pugh (Crisis, 1990)

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