Brice Bolt, by Aldoma Puig

Artur Aldoma Puig has been active in many art forms since 1949. From 1953 to 1964, he created comics for the English publishers Fleetway, Atlass and D.C. Thompson, including war and western comics like 'Rock Reason', 'Tex Ranger' and 'Jim Bowie'. Puig drew his first big comic series for Spirou, starting with the replacement of Paape's 'Marc Dacier', called 'Brice Bolt', with scriptwriter Charlier. In 1973, he started 'Les Commandos de la Nature' with Victor Mora.

After this, he worked for the American publisher Warren and created 'Artur Robinson' for the Spanish publisher Pala. In France, he drew some stories for Pilote and worked with Victor Mora again on 'Oujouro' in Pif Gadget. By 1975, Puig stopped making comics and devoted himself completely to painting.

comic art by Puig

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