Artwork by Puig Rosado

Fernando Puig Rosado was a Spanish illustrator, who spent most of his life in France. Born in Don Benito, he studied Medicine in Spain, before turning to illustration. He moved to France in 1960, where he went to work for the children's publications of Bayard Presse. His work appeared in magazines like Astrapi, J'Aime Lire, Okapi and Phosphore, and also in publications from Switzerland, the UK and Spain. He furthermore worked for advertisements, school books and the animation industry. He was furthermore a regular contributor to satirical and literary publications like Siné Mensuel, Le Canard enchaîné, Le Nouvel Observateur and Le Figaro Littéraire.

Comic by Fernando Puig Rosada
Métiers à créer d'urgence

He illustrated the fairy tale book 'Les contes de la rue Broca' (1967) by Pierre Gripari, the children's books 'Les Concombres du roi' (1988) by Evelyne Brisou-Pellen and 'Z comme Zoo' (1997) by Corinne Fleurot. With Sylvie Girardet, he made the children's book series 'La Maison des cinq sens', an encyclopedia of the animal world and petitions like 'Vive le civisme', 'Silence la violence' and 'Planète mon amour'. He was co-author of the book 'Au Secours' (1973) with Picha, Siné and Desclozeaux, and he worked with Henriette Bichonnier on the anti-war children's book 'Tétaplak et Poirabaff' (Nathan, 1990). Recurring themes in his work were human rights and the ecology.

He founded the founded the Société Protectrice de l'Humour in Avignon with Jean-Pierre Desclozeaux and Bonnot. This association of humorous artists exhibited organized annual expositions during the Avignon theatre festival between 1967 and 1976. He has won several prizes for his humorous art, such as the Grand Prix de l'Humour Noir Grandville (1976), the Grand prix de l'Humour Tendre (2000).

Siné Mensuel
Siné Mensuel, 3 November 2014

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