'Planeta Cero'.

Jorge Quien is an Argentinian visual artist, comic creator and teacher, who was based in Chile between 1977 and 2009. He has participated in several group and individual exhibitions in Chile, Argentinian, Europe and the USA, and contributed comics to South American anthologies and magazines like 'Ojo de Vidrio' (2006), 'Monos Serios' (2008), Artishock and TrauKo Cómics. He is the author of experimental comics like 'Los Sofistas' (2015) and 'Pocketland' (2019).

Early life and education
His real name is Jorge Opazo Ellicker, and he was born in 1970 in Buenos Aires. At age six, he moved with his family to Chile, where he got most of his artistic education and did most of his early creative work. He has returned to Buenos Aires in 2009. Opazo studied Visual Communication at the ARCOS Professional Institute of Art and Communication (Instituto Profesional De Arte Y Comunicacion) and Fine Arts at the ARCIS University of Art & Social Sciences in Santiago. He has since then been active as a comic artist, painter and visual artist, working for magazines, anthologies and expositions. Later in life he received a Visual Arts scholarship through the German Academic Exchange Service, and attended the Berlin University of the Arts in 2004. He ranks José Muñoz (Argentina), Didier Comès (Belgium) and Vicho Plaza (Chile) among his main graphic influences with regards to comics.

Andrei, by Jorge Quien

Comics and illustration
Jorge Quien's first comics work was 'Andrei' (2000), a comic strip about a lonely Russian cosmonaut, published in the Chilean newspaper El Metropolitano. His comics, illustrations and photo stories have appeared in magazines like Ilustración Argentina (Buenos Aires), Patrimonio Cultural (Santiago) and The Clinic (Buenos Aires) and the indie counterculture magazine TrauKo Cómics. His comic stories have furthermore appeared in South American anthologies like 'Ojo de Vidrio' (2006, a compilation of contemporary comics from Chile) 'Monos Serios' (2008) and Fierro (Argentina), as well as Stripburger from Slovenia. He also publishes comics online, for instance on the Revista Kamandi portal or in the digital contemporary art magazine Artishock. Quinén has served as editor of Niños a Tomar Once!!, a free self-publication mixing comics, children's graphics, literature and contemporary art.


Artishock Revista serialized his comic 'Los Sofistas', about two enlightened mutants who decide to take over the world and destroy it. The Chilean book edition was published by Ril Editores in 2015 and the Argentinian one by Tren en Movimiento in 2018. His next book was 'Pocketland' (Loco Rabia, 2019), a collection of melancholic, absurd and experimental stories about the "world of things".


Visual artist
Quien has had several individual exhibitions of his drawings, paintings and installations, starting with 'Nostalgia de la Superpintura' at the Museo Nacional Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna, in Santiago, Chile (2000). Several events followed in museums and galleries in Santiago and Buenos, but also 'Come-Come Das Ende der Welt' at the Berlin University of the Arts in Germany (2005). He has furthermore participated in a great many group exhibitions in Chile, Argentina, Germany, Bolivia and the USA since 1995. In 2007 he was invited to participate in 'Comic Strip Passion's Trip', a travelling group exhibition initiated by the Belgian government intended to promote the contemporary Belgian comic art scene. In January 2007 it reached the Matucana 100 Cultural Centre in Santiago, Chile, where the works were combined with those by Chilean artists. A prominent theme in Jorge Quien's artwork is the exploration of the relationship between childhood, contemporary art and comics. He has won several awards for his work since 1997.

'Museum', exposition at the Photo gallery of the University of Buenos Aires (2005).

Academic career
Besides his own artistic activies, Jorge Opazo has been active as a teacher. Between 2000 and 2003 he was an assistant professor at the Painting and Color workshops at ARCIS University, as well as a visual arts professor at Swedenborg College and the Instituto Profesional ALPES, all in Santiago, Chile. Then from 2004 to 2008 he was a professor in Painting and Graphic Arts at both ARCIS Universities in Santiago and Valparaíso. Over the course of 2005 he researched as an intern the archives of the cultural Tella Institute at the library of the Torcuato Di Tella University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2008 he was also a guest artist at the International Comic Art Forum at the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois in the USA.

'Mansión Masticante'.


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