Le Programme Immersion by Leo Quievreux
'Le Programme Immersion'.

Léo Quiévreux was born in Mulhouse in the Alsace region. He did some studies in Applied Arts in Paris (Estienne and Duperré) between 1990 and 1993. He was one of the main artists of the French alternative comic scene of the 1990s. With Jean Kristau and Anne-Fred Maurer, he had his own publishing imprint, called Gotoproduction from 1991 to 2000. The label published about 60 books and comics by the aforementioned authors, and also works by Yvang, Kerozen and Lionel Richerand.

His work has been regularly published by Le Dernier Cri in Marseilles since 1997. His comics and illustrations have apppeared in a variety of international magazines, such as Crachoir, Le Tripate, Cosmos Kafé, En Costume, Gorgonzola, Oxymore, Good Stuff, Strapazin, Libération, Le Monde, Kus, Nova magazine, Enjeux les échos, Regards, Le Monde de l'éducation, Erogotoshitashi, Hôpital Brut and Today in English. He additionally makes book illustrations, and has exhibited his work in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Latvia and Serbia.

Quiévreux has published many comic books in several formats, his main works as 'La Mue' (with Tanguy Ferrand at Carabas/Éditions de Tournon, 2007), 'La Prothèse HRZ' (Le Dernier Cri, 2008), 'Agents dormants' (L'Association, 2008), 'Sphynx song' (with J. M. Bertoyas at L'Association, 2012), 'Le Mystère HB. Une Histoire du 36 Quai des Orfèvres' (with Alain Gillot, Pierre Dragon & Claude Cancès at Jacob-Duvernet, 2012), 'Cocaïne 14' (Le Dernier Cri, 2014), 'Climat: La Guerre de l'Ombre' (with Yannick Jadot, EELV/Le Passager Clandestin, 2015), 'Anyone 40' (Arbitraire, 2015) and 'Le Programme Immersion' (Matière, 2015).

Also active as a musician, he formed the duo Pikpus with the artist Mika Pusse in 1995, and has since then experimented on his own with shortwave recordings and synthetic melodies under the name Pik. He also played with the group Dragibus from 1998 to 2003, and went on tour with them in Japan in 2000 and 2003.

Le Mystere HB by Leo Quievreux
Le Mystère HB


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