Ragtime Rex, by Tom Radford 1914

Tom Radford was one of the early British comic artists, who worked for the publications of the Amalgamated Press. Among his earliest known work is 'Beatrix Buttercup' for Butterfly in 1909. Radford was the artist of 'Tiny and Tinkle' and 'Ragtime Rex', a comic that appeared on the cover of magazine The Favorite Comic in 1914.

Film Fun, by Tom Radford

The title of this comic shows that there was an influence of contemporary music, in this case ragtime music. Other comics Radford contributed to were Puck ('Rooney's Rents', 1911), Jester ('Racketty Row', 1912), Illustrated Chips ('Ike and Mike', 1914), Comic Cuts ('Ruff & Reddy', 1914), Firefly ('McSharp', 1915), Funny Wonder ('Jack Spratt', 1919), Chuckles ('Dick Whittington', 1919), Film Fun ('Winkle', 1920) and Sunbeam ('Lulu & Pete', 1925). He was the brother of comic artist Bill Radford.

Winkle, by Tom Radord (1920)
Ragtime Rex, by Tom Radford 1914

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