Neata by Neagu Radulescu

Neagu Rădulescu studied Literature and Philosophy, and began his career as a prolific writer. He was also a caricaturist, participating in every annual fair between 1931 and 1939 and publishing his work in book format. By 1939 he was hired by Soldatul, the propaganda department of the General Staff of the Army. He created the comic strip 'Păţaniile soldatului Neaţă în luptă cu bolșevicii', about the soldier Neaţă fighting the Bolsheviks.

The strip gained such success, that it was collected in two books in 1942 and 1943. His book 'Viaţa în patru labe' from 1945 was his final publication, since the artist got a publication ban from the communist regime. It collected 200 pages of his caricatures and strips. He didn't return to the drawing board until 1967.

Comic art by Neagu Radulescu

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