Haplea, by Pascal Radulescu

Pascal Rădulescu, or "Father Pascal" as he was called by his colleagues, was one of the driving forces behind the magazine Universul Copiilor. He drew a great many pages for the magazine from 1936 to 1948. Between 1938 and 1944 he drew new adventures of 'Haplea', the first original Romanian comic character. The stories, written by former Romanian parliamentarian Nicolae Batzaria (Mos Nae), gave a satirical view on the country's society of the time. The character had appeared in magazines like Dimineata Copiilor since 1924, drawn by Marin Iorda, and starred in a 1927 animated film (produced by Iorda) as well as a 1938 stage show. Radulescu drew Haplea's adventures under the title 'Peripetiile lui Haplea'.

After Batzaria's departure in 1944, Radulescu continued to draw new stories like 'Norocel și Smeul smeilor' and 'Micul partizan' in cooperation with writer Mihail Gafiţa until 1948. On his own, he created 'Ion și Bidon, aventuri fantastice de vânătoare' and stories starring Charlie Chaplin or The Three Musketeers. The publisher Universul collected his output in the books 'Tiriplic cel Norocos', 'Coana Frosa' and ' Norocel și Smeul smeilor' between 1942 and 1947.

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