Die Insel der Ferianer, by Heinz Rammelt 1954

Heinz Rammelt was born in Leipzig in 1912. He had an early interest in drawing. The final decision to become an illustrator came when he was unable to take part in gymnastics at school, due to a wounded hand. His teacher, who was also his art teacher, sent him to the zoo to draw the animals, and this became a real passion for the young Heinz Rammelt. Not even eighteen years old, he was admitted into the Art Academy of Leipzig. He moved to Munich in 1930, to study animal drawing with Professor Angelo Jank. Back in Leipzig, he became a pupil of Professor Thiemann. After his studies, he moved to Berlin, and soon got illustration assignments for several publishers, such as the books 'Hannibal und Bambi bei den Känguruhs' in 1936. For his great skill in animal drawing, he was asked as an animator by Waldemar Bonsels for 'Biene Maja' ('Maja the Bee'), and he also made designs for the film 'Hansi'.
After the second World War, Heinz Rammelt lived in the former DDR (German Democratic Republic), the part of East Germany that was occupied by the Russians after World War II. He became a free artist, living with his family near Oschersleben. From 1951, he started contributing to East Berlin publications such as Der Junge Pionier, Die Trommel, Frösi, Atze, Wochenpost and others. Some titles of comics he created for these magazines are 'Die Insel der Ferianer' (1954) and 'Chi-Chi' (1958/59), a text comic about a panda. Heinz Rammelt moved with his family to Dessau, where he lived until his death in 2004. He has made several animated films, as well as numerous illustrated books.

Chi Chi, by Heinz Rammelt 1959

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