Hummel & Lummel, by Toon Rammelt, 1934

Toon Rammelt was a Dutch writer, illustrator and radio executive. Born Antoon Rammelt in Amsterdam, he started his career as an illustrator for the Katholieke Radiogids. Between 1929 and 1941, Rammelt created four comics, two with text by his sister Rie. He illustrated a couple of books by W.G. van der Hulst sr. and wrote a few books himself, mostly about radio plays. Titles of comics he created are 'De Vliegvarobiel van Professor Knap' (1929, text Rie Rammelt), 'Sikkie en Dikkie en de Reis naar Luilekkerland' (1934, text by Rie Rammelt), 'Hummel, Lummel en hun avonturen met de houten doos' (1934) 'De Stakelijers' and 'Eduard'.

Norie by Toon Rammelt

In 1935 Rammelt became head of the department of Spoken Broadcasting at the KRO (The Dutch Catholic Radio Broadcasting). Before the War, he was author of radio plays like 'Quo Vadis' and 'Hoe ik mijn kind gedood heb'. He was known as a supporter of culture and amusement on the radio.

Het filmpje van de week by Toon Rammelt

He was an illustrator for publisher De Spaarnestad in Haarlem during the war years 1942-1945, but he returned to the KRO in 1945 as general director. He remained in this occupation until 1960, when he was appointed director of De Geïllustreerde Pers (VNU) in 1960.

Hummel & Lummel, by Toon Rammelt, 1934

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