The Dumbunnies, by Albertine Ranadall Wheelan

Albertine Randall was one of the earliest female cartoonists. She was born in San Francisco, the youngest of four children, and attended the San Francisco School of Design. She drew magazine illustrations for Harper's Bazaar, Harper's Young People, St. Nicholas and others.

The artist married San Francisco businessman and Harvard graduate, Fairfax Henry Wheelan, in San Francisco in 1887. They had two sons, Edgar Stow Wheelan and Fairfax Randall Wheelan. Edgar Wheelan created the comic strip 'Minute Movies', and also went on to become a nationally syndicated comic artist. When her husband died in San Francisco in 1915, the artist settled in New York City, and signed many of her later works with her married name, Albertine Randall Wheelan.

The Dumbunnies comic strip by Albertine Randall Wheelan

Prior to that, Randall had become the official costume designer for David Belasco (a prominent stage manager, actor, director and playwright) for almost two decades, and she had much experience as an illustrator. She created and drew a daily comic strip titled 'In Rabbitboro' which was in syndication 1927-1928.

The Dumbunnies comic strip by Albertine Randall Wheelan

In 1931 Randall created and self-published the popular comic strip, 'The Dumbunnies', about the cute little rabbit family who live in the small town of Rabbitboro. After first reading 'Alice in Wonderland', Albertine was "fascinated by the delightful lunacy of the March Hare and the fussy White Rabbit," so she decided to create this little community of humanized rabbits. She suggested that "if you follow carefully the antics of Dad, Ma, Dick, Dora, Daniel, and Dummy, maybe you'll discover that you, too, have a little Dumbunny in your home."

She illustrated many children's books and contributed art to several holiday covers for the New York Herald Tribune's Sunday supplements as well as other periodicals. In later years the artist worked from her studio in Greenwich Village, before retiring and living with her two sons in Connecticut. Mrs. Wheelan lived an active life to age 90, and died peacefully in January 1954.

The Dumbunnies comic strip by Albertine Randall Wheelan

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