Pepsi and Pete by Stan Randall

Stanley Randall studied at the Landon School under Norman Rockwell. He was a gag writer and artist for early comic books by Centaur and National/DC, such as 'Alfy Elephant', 'Big Sid', 'Shocky Plus Gus', 'Ramblin' Jim', 'Slim Pickins' and 'Dare-Devil Dunk'. Between 1951 and 1953 he did the newspaper feature 'Right Around Home' through King Features, and was an assistant on 'Ripley's Believe it or Not' for five years.

Pepsi and Pete by Stan Randall

Randall has done commercial and promotional art for Pepsi, General Foods, Karo, Shell Oil and Heinz, including the comic strips 'Pepsi and Pete, Pepsi-Cola Cops' and 'Larry' for Goodyear Tire. He also did gag cartoons for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

My-T-Fine advertisement by Stan Randall

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