comic art by Dennis Malcolm Reader

Dennis Malcolm Reader was fascinated by American comic books since his youth, that's why his work is strongly inspired by artists like Milton Caniff and Joe Shuster. Reader started drawing at high school and at age 14, he became an apprentice at a printing company. In World War II, American comics couldn't reach England, so Reader was asked to draw similar stories for the English press. He started out in 1944 with 'Cat Girl' that was published in Topical Funnies and Thrill Comics. After the War, he joined the Cartoon Art Creations agency in Glasgow.

There, he created numerous superhero comics, such as 'Powerman' (Super-Duper, 1946-49), 'Electro Girl' (New Jungle Comics, 1947-49), 'Rick Larson' (Four Deuces), 'Both 3000', 'Burt Steele' (Bestofall Comics), 'Wonder Boy' (G-Boy Comics), 'Acromaid', 'Venus', 'Phantom Maid', 'Johnny Wilde' (Hubba Hubba), 'Tim Craig' (Atomic Bombshell) and the western 'Dusty Trale'. Although his comics had a certain charme, Reader eventually turned to illustration and technical design, working at the art department of an engineering firm in Peterborough. From the early 1980s he was a freelance illustrator producing work for sales and management training books. He was also a writer and artist of children's books.

comic art by Dennis Malcolm Reader

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