Bozo by Foxo Reardon

Foxo Reardon, as Francis Xavier Reardon was called, was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia in 1905. He became a cartoonist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch in the early 1920s. He created the newspaper strip 'Bozo', which appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Sunday for twenty years before it was syndicated nationally and internationally by Field Enterprises in 1945.

Bozo, by Foxo Reardon 1947

'Bozo' gained great popularity, especially in the Chicago Sun-Times, whose readers voted the strip the most popular. It was promoted as an "original pantomime comic strip", and stood out for Reardon's fluent graphic style. Foxo Reardon died in 1955 of cancer, after which 'Bozo' was discontinued.

Bozo, by Foxo Reardon 1949

Dutch publication, by Foxo Reardon

Foxo Reardon

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