Canardo #23 - 'Mort sur le Lac' (2015).

Pascal Regnauld is a French comic artist and colorist, who has assisted Benoît Sokal on his detective series 'Inspecteur Canardo' since 1995. He eventually took over the full art duties. Together with scriptwriter Roger Seiter, Regnauld created the thriller diptych 'Trou de Mémoire' (2015-2016) and the one-shot 'Balle Tragique Pour Une Série Z' (Glénat, 2019).

Early life and career
Pascal Regnauld was born in 1961 in Vitry-le-François, a small commune in northeastern France. He studied Fine Arts in Reims. After graduation, he got a job at an advertising agency, and spent several years working on advertising campaigns and storyboards. Between 1987 and 1994 he had his own advertising studio in Reims. During this period, he also made illustrations for the Octob'rock festival in Reims.

Through a friend, Regnauld heard that the Belgian comic artist Benoît Sokal was looking for an assistant. Regnauld contacted Sokal and was hired to help with the artwork of signature series 'Inspecteur Canardo', starting in 1995. Created in 1978, Sokal's detective comic follows the adventures of a disheveled anthropomorphic duck, who works as a private detective. The series is renowned for its intriguing mysteries, set in a gritty funny animal universe. The first published story with Regnauld's assistance was volume 10, 'La Fille Qui Rêvait d'Horizon', published in 1999. He initially helped with the pencil art and coloring, until he more or less took over full art duties from the next story on. Benoît Sokal remained involved doing scriptwriting and lay-outs until his death in 2021. From the 17th album on, 'Une Bourgeoise Fatale' (2008), Hugo Sokal joined his father in the writing of the stories.

Canardo by Sokal and Regnauld
Canardo 12 - 'La Nurse aux Mains Sanglantes' (2002) by Sokal and Regnauld.

Bringing 'Canardo' into the 21st century, Sokal and Regnauld began experimenting with surprising narratives. In 'Un Misérable Petit Tas de Secrets' (2001), for instance, the weary detective uses a portable time travel device that enables him to solve a heritage mystery. In 'Le Buveur en Col Blanc' (2003), Canardo investigates the mysterious death of a wine critic. With 'L'Ombre de la Bête' (2006), the entire story takes place on a tourist bus, hijacked by a terrorist. Canardo's family background was also further explored, with some of his child nephews appearing in stories like 'Le Voyage des Cendres' (2010) and 'Le Vieux Canard et la Mer' (2013). New recurring characters joined the cast too. In 'La Fille Qui Rêvait d'Horizon' (1999), the medical examiner Doc Fatty made his first appearance. Doc Fatty is an eerie-looking bulldog with thick glasses, but nevertheless very good at his job. His autopsies often provide Canardo with new clues about his cases. In 'La Fille Sans Visage' (2009), the royal couple of the mini state Belgambourg is introduced. The cigar-smoking grand duchess and her equally shady husband are involved in all kinds of corrupt intrigues. Their country looks like Monaco, but its name is a contraction of Belgium and Luxembourg. Sokal and Regnauld also managed to shock long-time fans. In 'La Mort aux Yeux Verts' (2016), Canardo's good friend Inspector Garenni is murdered.

Belgambourg isn't the only reference to Sokal's home country. Although 'Canardo' was already a Belgian series, the amount of references to the country notably increased once Regnauld came on board. In 'Le Buveur en Col Blanc' (2003), for instance, Canardo and two wine experts act as if they are Belgians, complete with the accent. In one of the most humorous albums, 'L'Affaire Belge' (2005), the detective goes to Brussels to find the son of a famous Belgian comic artist. The story is filled with satirical references to the comic industry and allusions to Sokal's own student past in Claude Renard's atelier at the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels. 'Tintin' fans will notice a shout-out to Hergé's story 'The Cigars of the Pharaoh' in 'La Fille Sans Visage' (2009), and the climax of 'Le Voyage des Cendres' (2010) is set in the Atomium monument in Brussels.

Trou de Mémoire #1 - 'Gila Monster' (2015).

Collaboration with Roger Seiter
Besides his work for Sokal, Regnauld has worked on other projects, in collaboration with scriptwriter Roger Seiter. In 2015 they launched 'Trou de Mémoire' (Long Bec, 2015-2016), a thriller diptych about Milton, a man who one day wakes up in the harbor of San Francisco. To his horror, he notices a head wound, a gun by his side and the corpse of a girl a few metres further. Suffering from a black out, Milton has no idea what happened. All he knows is he has to escape from the law. Seiter and Regnauld additionally created the one-shot 'Balle Tragique Pour Une Série Z' (Glénat, 2019). 'Balle Tragique' is set in 1958 Los Angeles in the Disney Studios. Jimmy White is a naïve jack-of-all-trades who works in the studio to pay off debts to a mobster, Giuseppe Battaglia. White hates his life, but his love for actress Sally Davis helps him make it through his days. Unfortunately, she is tempted by a 20th Century Fox producer who offers her a starring role. This makes the jealous White consider action...

'Croquettes Story' (2017).

Other one-shot comics
Together with scriptwriter Isadora, Regnauld made the one-shot album 'Croquettes Story' (Éditions du Long Bec, 2017). The story revolves around two cats, Toto and Ficelle, who to their surprise find a group of foreign cats arriving in their household. Isadora wrote the album as a modern fable about migration and refugees. Regnauld additionally collaborated with his wife Nathalie Regnauld on 'Au Secours - Le Temps de la Solidarité' (Éditions du Long Bec, 2019), a motivational comic book made in commission for the non-profit organization Secours Populaire Français ("French Popular Relief"). It features inspirational stories of people showing solidarity to each other in times of human crisis. Regnauld dove into the past with 'Halifax, Mon Chagrin' (Éditions Félès, 2021), a one-shot written by Didier Quella-Guyot, set in 1917 Halifax, Scotland. The harbor city is tormented by a series of drowning incidents. All the victims are notably crew members of the Mackay-Bennett, a ship that five years earlier searched for victims of the Titanic maritime disaster.

Graphic contributions
Regnauld was one of several artists to make a graphic contribution to two collective comic books about the First World War, namely 'Petit Histoires de la Grande Guerre' (Kotoji Éditions, 2014), scripted by Kris, and 'Cicatrices de Guerre(s)' (Éditions de la Gouttière, 2009). He also made a contribution to the official Mickey Mouse homage book 'Mickey All Stars' (Disney/Glénat, 2019) and provided the coloring of the album 'Le Joug de l'Infamie' (Soleil Productions, 2003), the seventh installment of Dominique Latil and Tierr's heroic fantasy series 'Les Guerriers'. Regnauld additionally designed the sleeves of the albums 'Alive & Fighting' (1998) and 'Something A Gwaan!' (2000) by the reggae band The Gladiators.

'Halifax, Mon Chagrin' (2021).

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