Faceache, by Ken Reid

Ken Reid suffered from a tubercular hip during his early life. Lying in his bed, he took to drawing. His talent was immediately recognized, and when he was recovered sufficiently, he went to Salford Art School. In 1938, his 'Adventures of Fudge the Elf' appeared in the Manchester Evening News. Reid continued to write and draw this strip until 1961.

Jonah (The Hornet #492), by Ken Reid
Jonah (The Hornet #492)

During the 1950s, Ken Reid worked for Comic Cuts by Amalgamated Press, before moving over to D.C. Thomson to draw 'Roger the Dodger', 'Jonah' and 'Grandpa' for the Beano, and 'Angel Face' and 'Bing Bang Benny' for the Dandy. In 1958, 'Jonah' made his debut, and immediately became the favorite feature of many readers of the Beano.

Jonah by Ken Reid

During the 60s, Reid was the writer and artist of 'Frankie Stein', appearing in Wham! and in the 70s, he started 'Faceache' in IPC's Buster, which he drew until his death in 1987. Reid's work also appeared in Shiver & Shake, Whoopee!, Monster Fun and Wow!.

Roger the Dodger, by Ken Reid

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