N'embrassez pas qui vous voulez by Sandrine Revel
N'embrassez pas qui vous voulez

Born and raised in Bordeaux, Sandrine Revel studied Fine Arts for three years, before she turned to creating comics. Her first work was 'Jouvence la Bordelaise', that was published by Atlantic Production in 1996. Soon followed 'Bla Bla Bla!' at Le Cycliste and the 'Un Drôle d'Ange Gardien' series, which she creates together with Denis-Pierre Filippi for Delcourt publishers since 1999.

Un Drôle d'Ange Gardien by Sandrine Revel
Un Drôle d'Ange Gardien

Revel has worked in several genres since then, varying from children's comics ('Le Jardin Autre Monde', with Filippi for Delcourt, 2006) to humor ('Monsieur Régis' with Claude Bourgeyx for Les Enfants Rouges, 2009) and satire ('Sorcellerie et dépendances' for Dupuis, 2010), and from socially conscious ('Résurgences, Femmes en voie de resociabilisation' for La Boîte a Bulles, 2010) to poetic graphic novels ('N'embrassez pas qui vous voulez' with the Polish scriptwriter Marzena Sowa for Dupuis, 2012).

Sorcellerie et dépendances by Sandrine Revel
Sorcellerie et dépendances

In addition, she is active as a press illustrator for Sud Ouest Dimanche and Milan Presse.

Résurgences, Femmes en voie de resociabilisation by Sandrine Revel
Résurgences, Femmes en voie de resociabilisation

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