Critical Mass (Book 3), art by John Ridgway
Critical Mass (Book 3)

John Ridgway initially worked as a professional design engineer, and did his first comics for D.C. Thompson on the side. He contributed to books like 'Commando War Stories' and 'Commando Action', before becoming a fulltime comic artist in 1984. He has worked for many companies, including 2000 AD, Gutenberghus, Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

Transformers, art by John Ridgway

For 2000 AD, he contributed to the hardboiled action magazines 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Megazine, producing several episodes of 'Judge Dredd', 'Journal of Luke Kirby' and 'Vector 13', but also 'Darkness Visible', 'The Dead Man' and 'One off'. For the Megazine, his main occupation was 'Calhab Justice', a series he created along with writer Jim Alexander.

Calhab Justice, art by John Ridgway
Calhab Justice

He drew for the UK series of Marvel's 'Transformers' and 'Doctor Who' titles. He was the initial artist of DC/Vertigo's 'Hellblazer' title in 1988, has done on such additional series as 'Age of Heroes' (Impact) and 'Prince Valiant' (Marvel Epic).

Dan Dare, by John Ridgway
Dan Dare

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