comic art by Marti Riera

Marti Riera Ferrer is the artist on 'Il Taxista' ('The Cabbie') and 'Callgirl' (together with Tobalina). From the early eighties on, he has published in the Spanish magazine El Vibora. He got international attention through publications in Raw and the Drawn & Quarterly anthology. He is influenced by 'Dick Tracy' creator Chester Gould, whose style he adapted with a very personal touch. His work has been published all over Europe and the USA. He has created such albums as 'Taxista', 'Monstruos Modernos', 'Doctor Vértigo', 'Terrorista' and 'Historias de Realismo Sucio'.

The Cabbie, by Marti Riera

comic art by Martí (Strapazin, 2004)

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