Exodus by Jasper Rietman

Jasper Rietman is a Dutch illustrator and cartoonist, who works for national and international papers and magazines like The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, De Standaard, Variety and De Volkskrant. He made his debut as a comic artist with the book 'Exodus' (2018).

Life and career
Jasper Rietman was born in 1985 in Genemuiden, and got his artistic education at the Artez Academy of Fine Arts in Zwolle. He has been making cartoons and illustrations on a freelance base since his graduation in 2010. After working for national publications like VPRO Gids, Elsevier and Bloomberg, he eventually got assignments from American clients like The New York Times, the movie magazine Variety and The Washington Post as well.


In May 2018 his book 'Exodus' was released through SubQ. It balances on the border of comic and illustration, and follows a group of refugees from a war zone until their final destination. The story is told through 45 interconnected pages which, combined, form one long drawing of about 14 meters.

Sequentially illustrated cover for Eigen Huis Magazine (November 2021).


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