Chantal au Katanga, by Robert Rigot

Robert Rigot took courses in art from the School of Applied Arts in Paris from the age of 15. In 1924, he published his first work in La Dépêche Médicale. He then joined the Atelier Robys in Paris, and spent his military service in Strasbourg, where he drew caricatures and illustrations for his regiment. Back in civil life, he went to work at the atelier of Georges Lang in 1930, and did art on several advertising campaigns. From 1938, he was associated with the publishing house Gordinne, where he illustrated children's books.

Yveline, by Robert Rigot

Rigot made his entrance in the comics field in 1938. He started out working for Dargaud (in Allô les Jeunes! and Bob et Bobette) and La Société Parissiene d'Edition (in L'Intrépide, Junior, L'Épatant and L'As). Dargaud published his first album, 'La Vie Héroïque de Mermoz', in 1939.

Frederi le Gardian, by Robert Rigot

That same year, Rigot joined the publishing house Fleurus. Here, he made numerous short stories and illustrations for magazines like Coeurs Vaillants, Âmes Vaillantes, Fripounet and Marisette. His most notable work at this time were the series 'Chantal' (in Âmes Vaillantes) and 'Frédéri le Gardian' (in Coeurs Vaillants). Much of this work was reprinted in the Belgian magazine Pat. Apart from his work for these magazines, Robert Rigot illustrated 45 albums in the series 'Belles Histoires et Belles Vies' published by Fleurus from 1947 to 1972.

header for Pat... épate by Robert Rigot

At the same time, Rigot worked for French magazines that appeared in France's old colonies, like Anis-El-Atfal in Morocco, Le Fenech in Algeria, and Ibalato in Madagascar. In the first half of the 1970s Robert Rigot was back with the S.P.E. and published in the magazines L'Épatant, Les Pieds Nickelés and Bibi Fricotin. For this last magazine, he created the series 'Les Rapaces' under the pseudonym Bob O'Rigt.

Zorro, by Robert Rigot

He also took on agency work, doing among others 'Maître Dominique, une Vie' for Intermonde Presse, and police enigmas published in papers like Le Progrès de Lyon, Le Parisien Libéré and Nice-Main. For Opera Mundi, he did 'Helgvor du Fleuve Bleu' in L'Humanité and 'Zorro' for Le Journal de Mickey.

Gillette, by Robert Rigot

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