Les Aventures de Liliane Bettencourt by Riss
Les Aventures de Liliane Bettencourt

Laurent Sourisseau, who signs with Riss, is a French cartoonist, best known for his work for L'Écho des Savanes and Charlie-Hebdo. His political cartoons appear regularly on the cover of Charlie Hebdo since 1992, and he serves as chief editor since 2009. On 7 January 2015, he survived the terrorist attack on the magazine's offices, but was injured with a bullet in the shoulder.

from L'Echo des Savanes, by Riss

Riss' topical cartoons and comics have regularly covered French politics and Sarkozy in particular. He has made several comics based on the French president with Philippe Cohen and scriptwriter Richard Malka. Riss has also illustrated criminal trials for Charlie Hebdo and the press, which resulted in publications like 'Le Procès Papon' and 'Le Procès Touvier', and the book 'Le Tour de France du Crime'. Other books by Riss include works about Obama, the American Dream, Hitler and Liliane Bettencourt - the latter in cooperation with Laurent Léger.

Charlie Hebdo cover by RissCharlie Hebdo cover by Riss

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