Paris 2000 by Albert Robida
Robida's vision of Paris in the year 2000.

Albert Robida was a French illustrator, lithographer and novelist, known for his futuristic work. Born in Compiègne as the son of a carpenter, he studied to become a notary. However, by 1866 he was a caricaturist and began an association with Le Journal Amusant. He founded his own magazine, La Caricature, with Georges Decaux in 1880 and served as its editor for twelve years.

Dans les alpes by Albert Robida
'Dans Les Alpes, Un Passage'.

Robida's masterpiece is a trilogy of anticipation novels in which he shows his futuristic and almost prophetic vision of the mechanized society of the 20th century. These include the novels 'Le Vingtième Siècle' (1883), 'La Guerre au Vingtième siècle' (1887) and 'Le Vingtième Siècle. La Vie Électrique' (1890). Robida has also made illustrations for several stories by Pierre Giffard, including the weekly serial 'La Guerre Infernale', as well as tourist guides and works on popular history. He passed away in 1926 in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

La Via Electronique by Albert Robida
'La Vie Électrique' - 'Les Cours Par Téléphonoscope.' ("The Electric Life - Lessons Through Telephonescope"). An amazing prediction of online video schooling.

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