Taaie en Neut (Wapenbroeders, 1948)
Taaie en Neut (Wapenbroeders, 1948)

Jan Boon was a writer and journalist, who published under the pseudonym Tjalie Robinson, and also as Vincent Mahieu. He is known for his many publications based on Dutch East Indies culture. He was the son of a Dutch soldier in the colonial Dutch Indies (nowadays Indonesia), and his first job was that of a teacher in Java. He became sports editor with the Bataviaasch Nieuwsblad in 1936 and set up the supplement De Kindercourant and the section De Renbode. He was held hostage in several prison camps during the Japanese occupation (1942-45) and after World War II he found employment as an administrator with Bruynzeel on the island of Borneo.

Robinson was chief editor for the army magazine De Wapenbroeders, the publication for the Dutch soldiers during the Indonesian Revolution. For this magazine, Robinson also wrote and drew the comic strip 'Taaie en Neut'. Robinson eventually became a journalist for the Indonesian morning paper De Nieuwsgier. He settled in the Netherlands in 1955 where he launched a magazine for the Indian community in the Netherlands, called Over De Brug (later called Tong Tong and eventually Moesson). Robinon's main goal was to keep the memory of the Dutch East Indian culture alive in The Hague, and he was responsible for annual events like the Pasar Malam Besar.

Taaie en Neut (Wapenbroeders, 1948)Taaie en Neut (Wapenbroeders, 1948)


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