Starblazer by Keith Robson
Starblazer 28 (1980) Last Man on Earth

Keith Robson is a British comic book artist from Hartlepool, best known for his longtime contributions to Beano and Dandy titles, including 'General Jumbo', 'Tricky Dicky Doyle' and the 1990s revival of Ken Reid's 'Jonah'. He also drew for Fleetway's girls' comic book Jinty and DC Thomson's 'Starblazer' in the 1970s and early 1980s. Robson is also active as an illustrator, having done art for school text books and Matthew Fitt's book 'Time Tram Dundee', about a time travelling tram. Robson also worked as an illustrator and model-maker in pre-school and educational TV, including the legendary BBC show 'Jackanory'.

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