Juca e Zeca, by Rocha Vieira

Rocha Vieira was the first Portuguese comic artist to create a daily comic strip. His series 'Fitas de Juca e Zeca' appeared for the first time in August 1920 in Sécula. He drew this comic for a period of two and a half years. In the series Vieira showed a great interest in sociology. In 1922, Rocha Vieira started another daily comic, 'As Proezas de Necas e Tonecas'. For this series, he used a more American approach: the series distinctly resembled 'The Katzenjammer Kids' by Harold Knerr. Rocha Vieira also published in the magazines ABC-Zinho and Pim Pam Pum!.

comic art by Rocha Vieira

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