'Capitaine Fracasse' (Jumbo, 8 February 1942).

Aude Roche was an obscure French comic artist, who created adventure serials for the comic magazines Aventures and Jumbo.

The name Aude Roche is probably a pseudonym, as it appears to be a pun on the phrase "eau de roche", meaning rock water. Some of his pages are signed with the letters O.R., with the R written inside the O. His children's picture books are signed A.R., this time with the R inside the A.

Between 1938 and 1945, Roche worked for the comic magazines Aventures and Jumbo of Éditions S.A.G.E., an imprint of the Lyon-based publisher Ettore Carozzo. While the magazines ran mostly translations of American, Italian and British comics, some of the serials were locally produced. Among the French contributors to Jumbo were Chott, Rodaly and Aude Roche.

'Jacques Triton, l'Amphibie' (Jumbo, 22 February 1942).

Roche has been connected to at least the serial 'Capitaine Fracasse au Service du Roi' (1941-1942), based on the 1863 novel by Théophile Gautier. It started in 1941 in Aventures, and continued in 1942 in Jumbo, when the two magazines merged. In Jumbo, Roche also created the contemporary comic 'Jacques Triton, L'Amphibie', about an amphibian hero. For the same publisher, Roche also wrote and illustrated the children's picture book 'Sabr.r.e de bois!' (1941). In 1942, Jumbo magazine also ran advertisements for 'Ma Belle France' (1942), another book written and illustrated by Aude Roche.

'Sabr.r.e de bois!' (1941).

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