Orinoco, Jaïra, by Rodval

Rodval Matias is a Brazilian artist, born in Novo Horizonte in the state of São Paulo. His first comic book was 'Holandeses no Brasil', that was published by Ebal in 1978. He then began publishing in the adult-oriented magazines of Grafipar, such as Proton, Sertão & Pampas, Sexy West and Quadrinhos Eróticos. Together with Mozart Couto and Watson Portela, he was one of the main artists of this publising house in the 1980s. The stories varied from science fiction to horror, but always with an erotic element. His art also appeared in the horror titles Mestros Do Terror and Calafrio by D-Arte.

Senzala by Rodval Matias

In 1990, Rodval and scriptwriter Julio Emilio Braz made an historical series set in Brazil in 1621, called 'Orinoco', for the Belgian publisher Ronny Matton. In Brazil, he continued to publish in Gritos de Terror and Jadhi of Editora Press, Colt 45 of Editora Cedibra and Mundo do Terror of Editora Maciota, among other titles. In addition to his erotic comic stories, his adaptations of 'Decameron' by Giovanni Boccaccio and 'Os 120 dias de Sodomia' by the Marquis de Sade stand out. He eventually turned to book illustrations.

Cover by Rodval

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