Rikske en Fikske, by Roex

Roger Exelmans, who signed with Roex, was born in Tessenderlo, and got his art education from the St. Luc in Brussels. He has worked for the publications of Altiora in Averbode since 1960. For MK-Het Weekblad, he made illustrations and comics like 'Nel, het Woonwagenmeisje' (text by R. Puttemans) and 'De Dood in de Sneeuwstorm' (text by G. Jaeken).

In 1963, he made 'Nacht over het Spookslot' in Zonneland with A. M. Lamend. In 1965 he created 'Miet en Mop' with Nonkel Fons for 't Kapoentje, which was later continued in Zonnekind. In Zonnekind, he produced strips like 'Miet' (1972), 'Bol en Tap en Ros' (1975) and 'Rikske en Fikske' (in succession of Gray Croucher, 1973). His illustrations also appeared in other Altiora publications, like Doremi and Christmas and holiday specials.

Exelmans passed away in his hometown Engsbergen, near Tessenderlo, at the age of 60 in 1997.

Rikske en Fikske, by Roex

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