Una pequeña y atroz anomalía, by Roger & Tornassol

Roger was born in Barcelona in 1956. His early works appeared in some Spanish "underground" publications that appeared in the 1970s. He participated in El Rrollo Enmascarado (1973), Catalina (1974), Purita (1975) and El Sidecar (1977), among others. Since 1980, he was present in El Víbora, a magazine which originated from those publications.

comic art by Roger (El Vibora, 1982)

He was a regular collaborator during the first years of this magazine. He did illustrations and short stories, many of those featuring his characters 'Vaselín y Loto'. He also did the series 'Emili Piula', which was written by Montesol and treated the Spanish Civil War. Then he teamed up with writer Tornassol and did a number of morbid stories which happened in everyday ambiences.

Emili Piula, by Roger

In addition to El Víbora, Roger collaborated on other magazines. For Cairo, he and Montesol did the serial 'Destino Gris' (1981), then he and Ignacio Molina did the series 'Roberto Ruina' (1984). For a renewed TBO (the TBO of Bruguera publishers), he teamed up with Ramón de España and began the serial 'Los Fabricantes de Estrellas' (1986). However, this work couldn't be finished because of the premature disappearance of this short-lived magazine.

Mucho ruido y pocas nueces, by Roger & Tornassol

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