Minouche by Rold
'Les Tribulations de Minouche'.

Rold was a mid-20th century French comic artist about whom little is known, except that he had a large production of comic strips for the press between 1950 and 1957. All of Rold's characters were young, attractive and resourceful females, so perhaps the cartoonist was a woman too. Rold's three most notable series were 'Les Tribulations de Minouche' (1950-1954), 'Totoche, Pin-up de Malheur' (1951) and 'Mlle Bénédikte' (1957). 

Life and career
Rold drew over 900 episodes of 'Les Tribulations de Minouche' (1950-1954), published in Libération and Le Provencal. For the Paris-Graphic agency, he additionally made 'Pomme d'Api' (1950-1951) in Ce Soir. This character could be the same as 'Minouche' but under a different name. Rold also drew 'Totoche, Pin-up de Malheur' (1951), a comic about an pin-up girl, which was partially a gag comic and a serial. Her adventures were scripted by a writer named Prado and ran in the magazine Ici-Paris. Rold also drew the gag comic 'Mlle Bénédikte' (also known as 'Mademoiselle Bénédikte', 1957), about a young woman named Bénédikte. Her antics could be enjoyed in the magazine Paris-Flirt. 

'Mlle. Bénédikte'.

Homonym confusion
The Rold who drew humorous comic strips should not be confused with a similarly named comic artist, Rold, who drew realistic comic strips during the 1950s and 1960s and whose real name was Roland Colomb. Rold is also not the same artist as Rol (Roland Venet), who drew many comics and game pages for newspapers and magazines.

Totoche by Rold
'Totoche, Pin-up de Malheur'.

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