Brenda Breeze by Rolfe

Rolfe was a British cartoonist, who settled to the USA in the late 1930s. He came to New York for a first time in 1923, where he copied a Rembrandt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He set out to become a portrait and landscape painter, and spent several years traveling and painting through France, Italy, Denmark and Norway. He stayed in Spain for five years, but returned to England when the revolution broke out.

Brenda Breeze by Rolfe Mason
Brenda Breeze (Photo-Journal, Quebec, 10/3/1949)

Rolfe turned to cartooning for magazines like Bystander, Passing Show, London Mirror, London News Chronicle and Answers. After settling in the USA, he created the pantomime newspaper comic 'Brenda Breeze', that was syndicated by NEA Service between 1939 and 1962. For the Sunday feature, Mason also made the topper comic 'Otis'. Although he is generally listed as Ralph Mason, a 1939 article published in Editor & Publisher says his real name is Ralph Memison.

Brenda Breeze by Rolfe Mason

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