Himlens Änglar, by Jan Romare
Himlens Änglar

Jan Romare is a versatile artist of newspaper comics from Stockholm. He published his first work in FiB:s in the 1950s, called 'Smällkaramellen'. He was present in Folket i Bild from 1953 with strips like 'Gorillan Gusten' and his comic strip 'Igelkotten Hubert' was published in Fickjournalen from 1955. Romare's crime saga 'Mordet på Mamses' was printed in Åmåls-Tidningen from 1958, while 'Ugglan Urban' appeared in Se between 1960 and 1962.

Romare was then employed by the Foreign Ministry and it wasn't until the late 1980s that he returned to comic strips. His first creation was 'Pyton' and it first appeared in Dagens Nyheter in 1987. It has also been collected in albums and has made appearances in magazines like Serie-Pressen and Hälge.

Pyton, by Jan Romare

Romare has created several new comic strips for Dagens Nyheter throughout the 1990s, including 'Himlens Änglar', 'Råttan Robert', 'Slim Smart Privatdetektiv', 'Ugglor & Änglar', 'Sommargubben' and 'En sommarsaga'. 'Ugglan Urban' also returned under the title 'Kalles Uggla' between 1996 and 2002. Many of these serials have been collected in book format by Nisses Böcker.

Ugglan Urban, by Jan Romare
Ugglan Urban

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