Bram en René van de Marechaussee by David de Rooij

David de Rooij is a Dutch comic artist and animator. He has drawn comics since he was a small boy. His contributions for his high school's information paper caught the attention of educational magazine De Qvijver, for which David has made illustrations for several years.

comic art by David de Rooij

By 2002, De Rooij began his studies in graphic design at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem and the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, where he eventually shifted to Animation. He is a storyboard artist and character animator with Anikey Studios in The Hague, and spends his spare time drawing comics.

Webcomic by David de Rooij
Web comic by David de Rooij. 

He did his first steps in the field of comics together with his older brother, scriptwriter Johan de Rooij. Their collaboration started with 'The X-Fools', a parody of 'The X Files' for magazine De Stripper in 1998. David has contributed to De Lijn, the small press magazine edited by his brother. He was hired by energy company Eneco to draw the 'Zonnetje Zonnebloem' strip and he has also drawn for T-Mobile, Aegon, Nationale Nederlanden and Centraal Beheer Achmea.

Strip for De Lijn by David de Rooij
'Naar Het Einde van het Heelal' (from: De Lijn).

David and Johan have made comic strips for the publications of AFMP/FNV, the association for military personnel in the Netherlands, since early 2011. These include the gag strip 'Bram en René van de Marechaussee' for De Marechausseevereniging and one-shot comic pages for Oplinie. David retired from the strip in late 2013 to focus on his other projects. He is also a talented caricature artist, which he has showcased in the Dutch edition of MAD Magazine. In August 2014 he launched his web cartoon series 'Tales of Stuff'.

comic art by David de Rooij

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