Blue Jane, by Ramon Rosanas

Ramón Rosanas got into publisher Norma's magazines in the mid-1980s. First he contributed to erotic and humorous magazine A Tope, then he published in Cimoc, beginning in its September 1988 issue. In 1989, after five short stories, Rosanas teamed up with scriptwriter Antoni Guiral and they did 'Drunker', a series featuring an anguished ex-policeman. Shortly afterwards, during 1990 and 1991 he and scriptwriter Antau published five episodes of 'Ottawa' also in Cimoc. 'Ottawa' was a series about the reports of a Native American press photographer. A sole short story by Ramón Rosanas entitled 'Blue Jane' appeared in Glenat magazine Viñetas in 1995.

Ottawa, by Ramon Rosanas

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